February 2022 Summary:Southern Africa experienced fewer than normal tropical-extratropical cloud bands resulting in less rain from these events. However, a number of cloud band days were recorded over Madagascar, which was a reversal from the pattern seen in previous months with few events over the South Indian Ocean landmass.

Latest monthly gridpoint accumulation

Accumulation of cloud band days at grid-points for last month, with red dots indicating centroid of observed cloud bands. Blue contours show climatological value of cloudband days count.

Seasonal progression of cloudband days

Monthly cloudband days for last year (grey bars) including latest month (red bar). Climatological cloudband days per month shown in blue line, which blue shading denoting interquartile range of climatology. interquartile range

Rainfall contributions of cloudbands

Contribution (%) of cloud band events to monthly total rainfall (contour).
Monthly area-averaged cloudband rainfall totals for sector compared to climatological cloudband rainfall monthly totals.